Monday, October 17, 2011

Riding on Cobwebs

First week wet and windy, brilliant sunshine now. Stay in tent on really wet days. Covered 1000km. Crossed to west coast village of Rocky Harbour, climbed Gros Mourne, had to use knife to cut steps in snow to reach summit. Perfect biking country, long rolling highway with wide paved shoulder. great roadside camping. Eat huge meals of fish and chips - waitress shasay's over,like Bette Midler, "How are ya, me darlin'". Today I'm in Grand Falls/Windsor getting supplies. Next is a four day jaunt to Twillingate in search of icebergs. Flight home Nov 1st.


  1. Just heard you on CBC, great stuff!!

  2. While in Twillingate do call on Fred and Mildred Bridger at 192 Main Street
    Tel: 709-884-5683 or Google Paradise B&B. Yes, they run a B&B but Fred has lived there all his life, maintains hiking trails and knows all the trails in the area. He has stories to tell and a wealth of information to share. Mildred is wonderful too, both lots of fun. It would be a shame not to meet them while you are in the area. I can guarantee you will receive a warm welcome even if not staying with them.
    Are you heading to Fogo Island? A must see area and easy cycling. I stayed there this summer and fell in love with the place and the people. For information there visit Eileen and Gerald at Peg's in Fogo. They seem to be the unofficial tourist information people. I'm sure they will make you welcome and give you some tips and you'll likely hear some traditional music too. Happy Travels Hugh :-)
    From Janice who visited Twillingate and Fogo this summer and can't wait to go back. Heard you on CBC.

  3. Just heard you yesterday on CBC radio 1 and thought I'd check out your blog. Charming (and inspiring) interview. Nothing but oats? It all makes sense now that I see you're a horseman. I'm delighted to see that this blog not only recounts tales of traveling and cycling (two of my favourite things!), but eventing and sustainability too! Bookmarking it now. :)

  4. hello hugh, please sent me your email again I wanted to sent you some pictures,
    If you dont have it any more, than please write it as a comment on my blog:
    heike, \nice to readyour blog.

  5. I heard your interview on the radio a few weeks back and I have just got round to finding your blog. You sound like a hell of a guy to be taking on the adventures of the road single handed. It is great to know that there are people like you out there each day breaking the mold and doing it their way. The best of luck to you in your continuing journey. I hope to travel light and quick again one day. Paul ;-)

  6. :)!!!!!!! Great to see you soul soaring Croc! xxxooo