Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Tao of Hobbit Land

The Tao of Hobbit Land

Hobbit Land is all about the unity of all life and living in cooperation with the universal laws of nature. It is an island of the flowing, the unified and the braided in an ocean of the contained, the distinct and the separate.

Here, opposites are in harmony, not in rebellion. In a world of dynamic change, we go with the flow by cooperating with events rather than fight them. It’s a world where less is more. It's about a dream that was locked inside and flowered by removing the excess dross.

The hobbit house is built into a hill and it’s the shape within that makes it useful. Gaps were left in the walls for a door and windows. It is these holes that make it a home, usefulness goes from what is not there. It was built with intuitive life skills, rather than formal knowledge. 

Transformation and change are essential features of nature. Change is not a force, but rather a tendency innate in all things, it’s about following one’s own intuitive intelligence and handcrafting a life.  Cedar logs became the building’s bones and the dirt excavated filled the bags to become the walls. In time, they too, will melt back into the hillside. By following the natural order, we drift downstream carried by the current of the Tao.

In Hobbit Land we refrain from doing things that are contrary to nature. Everything is allowed to do what it naturally does, so that it’s true nature will be satisfied. Life becomes spontaneous and is spiced with serendipity and synchronicity – chop firewood, draw water, eat when hungry and sleep when tired. We become what we were from the beginning and transcend concepts and categories.
Since the cradle we are taught to divide our world into separate objects and events and this may get us through the day. But, that’s not the way of nature, rather it’s an illusion based on our Western legacy. The oneness of the universe is central to the mystical experience, it is where string theory and the Druid cord come together.  By dancing barefoot on the hobbit house grass roof we slip slide into the universal cosmic dance of energy.

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