Monday, October 21, 2013

Sauntering to Santiago

I had no idea walking was so easy or so much fun. It´s day four and I covered 120km, I went mad yesturday and did 40km, now nursing blisters. Stripped gear down to bare essentials - chopped sleeves off polar fleese and ditched second pair of underwear - ´some folks got more underwear than notches on a gun. I know better than that. A man only needs one. One good pair, it ain´t much, it ain´t much, it´s just every little thing.´ ( with a nod to Janis Joplin).
The first hour or so is a walk in the dark under a harvest moon, later come the cafe and beer stops. In the evening it´s a free-rolling dinner and chat with fellow perigrinos.

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